Bahumi opens up on how Mohale pushed her away from her father. Somizi’s reality show Living the dream with Somizi is making waves, since season five premiered it is all everybody can talk about as it is looking into his relationship with Mohale.

Some feel that the reality show this time around is aimed at hurting Mohale’s image. Somizi’s closest people have been sharing how they felt about his relationship with Mohale.

Mohale and Somizi

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Vusi Nova who is  Somizi’s closest friend said he also never liked Mohale Motaung  but just tolerated him because he made his friend happy that time.Now Somizi’s  daughter Bahumi has also opened up on how Somizi and Mohale’s relationship affected her and how she felt about it.

Mohale and Somizi

“I was hurt in the beginning of their relationship because my father kind of shut me out. He wasn’t really explaining anything to me. Not that he owes me an explanation but it would be kind, just put me in the loop,” she said.

“Let me know that you’re getting married. To find out the way that I found out was very hurtful. Finding out that he was dating someone that is younger than me which was first and he is bringing him into his life in a way that he hasn’t brought me in,” she continued.

Bahumi and Somizi

Bahumi continued opening up on how she felt unwanted at the start of the relationship. “It made me feel unwanted,” she added. Just watching the reality show it seems as if no one really loved Mohale and they were all pretending in his face. It hurts considering how he hanged out with all of them and they never liked him no wonder their marriage didnt work because it was surrounded by fake love.


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