Chicco Twala out to ruin Kelly Khumalo see what he did to her. Eight years have passed since the death of Senzo Meyiwa. To some it may seem like long ago but to his family his death is still fresh because they haven’t gotten closure. Closure at to who killed their son while he was at Kelly Khumalo mother’s house.


It seems as if as the years passes by the statement of those who were there are also starting to change. One of those people whose statement are changing its Chicco Twala. Chicco Twala was one of the first people Kelly Khumalo called soon after Senzo Meyiwa was murdered.

Chicco twala and Kelly Khumalo

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Thats not the only thing that connects him to the case, his son was also present in the house the day Senzo was murdered. When Chicco was first interviewed about the call Kelly Khumalo made to him this is what he said “Kelly Khumalo called me and I rushed to find her with her childhood friend, while Senzo was still on the floor. They told me that two men tried to rob them and failed” said Chicco.


However it seems like 8 years down the line he is now singing a different tune all together. His current statement seems like he is trying to pin the blame on Kelly Khumalo. I might be reading it wrong here is his second and current statement. “Kelly Khumalo called me and I called Dr Ivirn Khoza, I didn’t go to her house as they called me when I was on my way; and told me to meet them at the hospital- where they quickly rushed to save Senzo’s life”

Chicco Twala

We really don’t know what has caused his statement to change we cant really blame him tho it has been long. Over the eight years the police have filed to capture the culprit who killed Senzo even though several suspect have been arrested. Even though the police have not caught the culprit the public have concluded that Senzo was killed by Kelly Khumalo and ever since then she has been trolled on social media because of it.

Kelly Khumalo and Senzo Meyiwa

Despite all the hate Kelly Khumalo has been getting on social media she has kept her head held up high. She has continued to leave her life the way she wants it. Seems though like she might be struggling on the dating side because she is still single we really don’t know if she truly is or she is keeping it on the low.


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