Heartbreaking condolences pour in for Trevor Noah and family.Death is something we know that it is around but it’s something we find hard to get used to or look forward to. This is mainly because of the pain and big gap that it leaves that’s why no one wants to be visited by death. Recently Trevor Noah’s family was touched by the cold hands of death as they have lost their grandmother.


Trevor Noah took to social to reveal the sad passing of his 95 year old grandmother. Taking to his Instagram account the daily show presenter had this to say “This morning our family laid to rest the oldest member of our clan Frances Noah, or as most of us referred to her, Gogo,” he wrote.

Trevor Noah

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“My grandmother was born in 1927 and even though she was 95 years old, she still had the best memory of us all. Every moment spent with her felt like a magical journey through time where she would recount all of the family’s greatest joys, losses, achievements and milestones. ”

Trevor Noah
“Her house in Soweto wasn’t just a home, it was a refuge, a place where other women would come when they had no other place to go, a place where members of the community would gather to pray together every single week, a place where everyone was guaranteed to feel the love emanating from her mighty chest.”

Trevor Noah

“I know many of you grew to love Gogo from afar and I thank you for the condolences and the blessings you’ve sent in her memory. I’ve cried all week celebrating the greatest “movie” I’ve ever watched. A story that began with my first breath and ended with her last.


A woman who showed me the truest definition of unconditional love. She passed away peacefully in her sleep and even blessed us with one final Mother’s Day which she enjoyed to the fullest. Hamba Kahle Gogo,”. May her soul continue to rest in peace and may the Noah family find comfort during this trying times


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