Jub Jub’s son follows his bad footsteps see what he did. As the saying goes an apple never falls far from the tree. This saying simply means that it is common that a child follows his or her parents footsteps. This seems just the case with Christian who is the child of Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub. It has been reported that Christian was caught with a bag of marijuana at school. Due to this incident Christian who is doing his grade 6 was expelled from his school.

Jub jub and Christian

It is not yet clear where he got the marijuana but the word going around the street is that the marijuana belongs to his mother Kelly Khumalo and her boyfriend Mthokozisi Yende. Its not clear weather he took the marijuana to school to smoke it with his friends or to sell it. Its not really surprising considering the fact that his father used to abuse drugs in his youth.

Jub jub and Kelly khumalo

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His abuse of drugs resulted in the death of four schoolchildren while others were left permanently injured. This is not the first time Christian has gotten in trouble at school to make matters his parents are not ready to put their differences aside and coparent their clearly troubled son.

Kelly khumalo and Jub jub

During Jub Jub’s controversial interview with Mac G he revealed that Christians misbehavior is caused by the ancestors who want him back with his family. Whatever the case might be its now evident that the child needs a constant father figure in his life and his parents should try to make this happen for him.


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