Palesa Madisakwane opens up on Somizi not paying damages up until now. Somizi’s reality show living the dream with Somizi has recently set tongues wagging as Somizi spills all the tea. It seems Somizi is using the lemons Mohale threw at him and making lemonade out of it while making money out of it.

Somizi and Palesa

Some time back leaked audios from Mohale leaked and began circulating on social media. In these audios he was sharing how Somizi was abusive towards him both physically and emotionally. Due to these abuse allegations Somizi lost nearly everything from his radio gig to his judging gig on ldols.

Palesa and Bahumi

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He didn’t say much regarding the allegation but in his current reality show he is spilling the tea on Mohale. Its not only him but all those close to him they are also giving their two cents on his relationship with Mohale. One of those people who aired their two cents its his baby mama Palesa Madisakwane.

Somizi and Bahumi

Speaking on Somizi’s relationship with Mohale the actress had this to say “He was really in love. I felt bad for him because I could tell he was really in love and I could see how happy he was when he found this young boy. You see, his little toy boy and it really brought some spark into his life,” .


She didn’t stop there she went on to vent about how Somizi payed lobola and have multiple weddings but didnt see it fit to pay damages for his daughter Bahumi.
“He decided to go pay lobola and have multiple weddings without paying damages for my child. So, I just stood back and observed,”

Palesa is not the only one to comment on Somizi and Mohale’s relationship. His daughter Bahumi also gave her thoughts she shared how she felt unwanted and pushed away by her father when she began dating Mohale who is younger than her. His close friend Vusi also shared how he didnt like Mohale from the start but just tolerated him for the sake of Somizi’s happiness.


However Mohale is unbothered by the fact that the reality show has turned into a whole topic about him. He is currently enjoying himself in the neighbouring country Zimbabwe.


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